The Catechism class is offered again starting September. The class targets three backgrounds:

  1. People exploring the Orthodox faith wishing to prepare to join the Church through baptism and chrismation.
  2. Interfaith couples, married or anticipating marriage.
  3. Orthodox faithful interested in learning more about our faith.

This session will meet mostly every other week until Holy Week 2015 on a day of the week, in the evening, that is convenient to all. The participants will be encouraged to:

  • Attend the church services regularly and observe the main feasts of the Church.
  • Read the assigned readings per class Syllabus.
  • Attend the class and actively engage in class discussions.
  • Participate in other preparatory activities such as group visit to Life Giving Spring Monastery and ministries exploration.

The books used for the class will be available at the bookstore. If interested, please contact Father Ion.