Welcome to the Saint Nicholas Ministries Page! Below you will find a listing of our ministries and a description of what they have to offer. Click on the ministry title to learn more.

Adult Catechism Class

To provide the necessary instruction to the catechumen so that having become familiar with the basics of Orthodoxy, they may, if they so choose, continue as members of the Church, and grow to love their faith and make it who they are. To instill in them the desire to seek out God within the community of believers; to enable them to practice prayer and the Orthodox faith with total commitment, for the salvation of their soul and for the Glory of God.

Email: fryanniv@gmail.com


Altar Service

The mission of the Altar Servers Ministry is to develop teams of support to assist the clergy before, during, and after liturgical and sacramental services. In performing these duties the servers will be demonstrating their stewardship commitment with their time and talents. Participating in this ministry will enrich ones spiritual awareness and provide a deeper understanding of the Church’s rich traditions. While the ministry has a focus of bringing in male youth the ministry has a need for older men as well.

Email: altarboys@saintnicholas.org



The mission of Saint Nicholas Basketball is to provide the youth of our church the opportunity to participate in a church activity. Our goal is for our kids to love the experience and want to play again year after year, thereby keeping them involved. We'd like them to learn the following: -- to play basketball, to play as a team, to be a good sport, to learn win and more importantly learn how to lose, to rely on others, the value of preparation and hard work, to compete while maintaining a good Orthodox Christian attitude and behavior

Email: basketball@saintnicholas.org


Center of Hellenic Education

The Center of Hellenic Education is an academic institution of our parish. Teaching the Greek language for more than 5 decades, the Center of Hellenic Education strives to provide a learning environment stressing both academic and social experiences through a curriculum that integrates Hellenic culture and Orthodox faith. All students progress through a set of comprehensive objectives based on national standards for teaching foreign languages.The Center of Hellenic Education offers several Greek language and cultural programs.

Email: che@saintnicholas.org



Mission – Sing for the Sunday liturgies, Christmas Eve, Holy Week and Easter services. Also teach the lower grades in Church School the principal hymns of the liturgy.

Email: choir@saintnicholas.org


Dance Groups

The Saint Nicholas Dance Ministry Program is a ministry program whose mission is to promote Christian fellowship for youth and adults through teamwork, outreach, unity, and diakonia. Our goal is to praise God through traditional music, song and dance, while celebrating the Orthodox faith and Hellenic culture.

Please Visit www.stnicholasdanceministry.com for more information

Email: stnicholasdanceministry@gmail.com

ST. Golden Years Logo

Golden Years Ministry

To identify the needs of its Senior Members, covering Spiritual, Physical, Educational, Recreational, Social And Cultural Areas. To meet these needs by developing and maintaining programs and by establishing policy and procedures to govern these programs and their administration.To promote good will between individuals and groups of the Greek community and the senior citizen group

Email: goldenyears@saintnicholas.org


Greek Orthodox Youth of America

The mission of the St Nicholas GOYA ministry is to bring together the youth of our Parish (ages 12-18) to expand their knowledge and strengthen their relationship with God and become active participants in the life and Body of Christ.

Email: goya@saintnicholas.org


HOPE Ministry

Our Mission for HOPE (Holy Orthodox Primary Education) is to unite our youth by educating, nurturing and spreading the word of God to our young people. We encourage fun, fellowship and educational ways to broaden our faith in God. We strive to build a lasting relationship with our Spiritual Fathers.

Email: hope@saintnicholas.org


Junior Orthodox Youth

JOY is the Junior Orthodox Youth for all children aged 3rd grade through 5th grade. The mission of JOY is to strengthen the relationship of young Orthodox Christians with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The program works to educate and edify young members of the Church, encouraging them to become active sacramental participants in the life of the Body of Christ. This ministry offers them the opportunity to experience the Faith, ultimately leading them to Salvation.

Email: joy2saintnicholas.org


Saints Peter and Paul Missions Ministry

Our mission is to participate in Christ’s Great Commission by introducing Christ through the Orthodox Faith. We support orthodox mission efforts that work to spread the word of God throughout the world. Our members are made up of mainly parishioners of Saint Nicholas and St. Basil the Great in San Jose. We hope to expand and invite other local orthodox churches in the area to join this ministry.

Email: missions@saintnicholas.org


St Nicholas Volleyball Tournament

The goal of the St. Nicholas Volleyball Tournament is for our participants to meet, participate and propagate sportsmanship and spirituality while holding high the banner of Christianity.

Email: volleyball@saintnicholas.org


Vacation Church School

The Mission of Vacation Church School is to offer a week-long camp for school-aged children that provides a multi-sensory, in-depth learning experience in the areas of spiritual formation, worship, education, evangelism and philanthropy.

Email: vcs@saintnicholas.org


Visitation Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to bring Christ and a little of the outside world to the ill, elderly, and shut-in. It is following Christ’s commandment to visit those in need. In doing this for others, we do it unto Christ Himself. Visitations are done by two or more people, never alone, and especially when visiting someone’s home.

Email: visitations@saintnicholas.org


Young Adult League

The mission of Saint Nicholas’ Young Adult League (YAL) is to cultivate and educate our young adults (ages 18 to 35), leading them to the fullness of the Greek Orthodox Faith. By engaging in entertaining activities and spiritual actions, it enables the young adults to become active, participating members of the church

Email: yal@saintnicholas.org