The mission of the St Nicholas GOYA ministry is to bring together the youth of our Parish (ages 12-18) to expand their knowledge and strengthen their relationship with God and become active participants in the life and Body of Christ.


Saiyanna Charitou (6th-8th grade), Johanna Duterte (9th - 12 Grade), goya@saintnicholas.org



Over this past year, our Goyans have come together many times to grow in their faith, help those in need, and give back to the community. GOYA began 2013 by raising money and making 100 bagged lunches to deliver to the homeless. They helped during lent with the folding of palm crosses and served the Palm Sunday Luncheon. GOYA put on numerous bake sales to raise money for Project Mexico and for the Priests of Buenos Aires.

A group of our Goyans were able to attend Project Mexico along with a few of our young adults to build a home for a family in need this past June. Our Parish had a large group of Goyans attend Summer Camp at St Nicholas Ranch in July and they were able to grow closer to their faith, have fun, and learn about the theme “Love One Another.” As we approach this fall and winter season our Goyans look forward to continuing their efforts to reach out to those in need and be true leaders in the life of our Parish.