Our Mission for HOPE (Holy Orthodox Primary Education) is to unite our youth by educating, nurturing and spreading the word of God to our young people. We encourage fun, fellowship and educational ways to broaden our faith in God. We strive to build a lasting relationship with our Spiritual Fathers.



We have had a full year of fun, fellowship and education of our faith. Each month we have spoken about topics like Vasilopita, Prosforfo, Protection of the Theotokos, Forgiveness, stewardship, book drives. Our group has participated in the Walk for Missions and VCS Vacation Church School. We have done most of our activities as a combined group with Joy. Many of our meetings have been combined, we eat and pray and fellowship and then have separate activities for each of the groups.
Since there are many siblings that are in both Hope and Joy, we have felt the need to combine activities to help families not have to come on separate days.