Dear Visitors,


We are a Greek American Orthodox community under the omoforion of His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Franscisco, located in San Jose, the beautiful capital of Silicon Valley. We seek to humbly dedicate our lives unto Christ our God through prayer, participation in the mystical life of the Orthodox Church, reading of the Scriptures and Church Fathers, and through serving each other and our surrounding community.

As a Greek Orthodox Church of America, we are also responsible to give everyone and especially the children the values of our rich Hellenic heritage, so they can form their Hellenic Identity as well. We want to help them realize that we are related to the Hellenic Culture, and that the Hellenic Culture is related to Orthodoxy, or better yet, that Orthodoxy has used many aspects of the Hellenic Culture that were ingrained in the Orthodox practices. In other words, we care more to give them the real values of the Hellenic Culture, rather than other superficial customs, such as “souvlaki, tzatziki, tsamiko, opa” which eliminate the real values of their heritage. Our Youth has to appreciate Hellenic Culture as it is part of their Identity. This also affects the Identity of all Orthodox cultures and jurisdictions, since Hellenic ways are maintained in Orthodoxy. This way the children will appreciate the uniqueness and the importance of their Church and they will value it enough to support it.

We invite you to come and see for yourself! Please feel free to come and participate in our services and programs. We are always happy to have visitors. Greeks are well known for their hospitality. You will not be alone!

In Christ,
Presbyter Demosthenes